Desired Nights: The COTS series: Book IV

Sass Cadeaux

6 Stars

Desired Nights by Sass Cadeaux is a fantastic 4th book in the series.

Although it is part of a series, it does not have to be read in order. All of the books in this series can stand on its own. The advantage of reading them as a series is the characters from the other books do flow in and out of all the books and play a part.

The characters were written well with great emotions, the plot has unexpected twists, and the details about the locations were so well done that you would think you were right there with the characters. I don’t want to give any details about the story itself as I want you to enjoy all the twists and turns as I did.

I put this as a 6 star because a 5 stars is typically the best of the best, but I think this sets the standers of best of the best. If you want a page-turning book, pick this one up!

I bought this book as soon as it came out.

Click on the book cover to go to her website to buy the book.


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