Coalition of the Supernatural: The COTS Series, Book I

Sass Cadeaux

5 Stars

Coalition of the Supernatural: The COTS Series Book 1 by Sass Cadeaux was an amazing book.

I will suggest this book to all that read. It has supernatural, conflict, and romance. It is a book that will put you on the edge of your seat wanting to find out what is going to happen next.

Alexia Crandell is a bad ass female lead character.  She is not your typical wimpy human female lead, she was a cop, worked special services, an is the first human to join the COTS and survive.  COTS book 1 follows Alexia in her climb through the special supernatural division, finding her mate, and Alexia just kicking ass.

If you have not read her other books that is fine, this can be read alone, but I suggest you read them all, they are just as good and entertaining as this one is.

COTS is the first book in her series and a great way to start learning about Sass’s world. I hope you enjoy being there as much as I do.

COALITION OF THE SUPERNATURAL: C.O.T.S. (COTS Series Book 1) is a book I have bought.


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