Chasing Shadows (The Shadow Chronicles) Book 1

 Christina Moore

5 Stars

Chasing Shadows by Christina Moore is a great first book in a series.

Christina wrote her characters well but would have liked a little more physical description. Christina did really well in building their character and emotions.

The time line of their lives was believable and the locations were well described. There is a point in this book where I wanted to cry, some where I laughed out loud, and a few where I said words that should not utter from a woman’s mouth.

There’s nothing like finding you have a very strong pull to another person, then finding out they are a half-breed.  If that wasn’t overwhelming enough a big secret about your past has come to light and is almost unbelievable.

There were enough twists and turns to keep anyone interested, and the ended was a surprise. I am excited to read the next book, as I know there has to be a part two, just has not been written yet.

Chasing Shadows (A Shadow Chronicles Novel Book 1) was given to me for a review.


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