Broken: The COTS Series Book III

Sass Cadeaux

5 Stars

I am now done reading Broken: The COTS Series Book III by Sass Cadeaux fantastic new book. I will suggest this book to all that read.

Broken has supernatural, conflict, and romance. You get introduced further to the barbarian brothers and how they either love you or don’t. (two of my favorite people so far)You do not want to get on their bad side, it is not pretty, but when you are good you are protected with everything they are.  It’s like being wrapped up in a warm blanket.. then being tossed between the two because they share everything!

I was on the edge of my seat wanting to find out what is going to happen next and where she was going to hide from the brothers. If you have not read Sass’s  other books that is fine, this can be read alone, but I suggest you read them all. All of the COTS books are just as good and entertaining as this one is.

Broken is the third book in the series. I hope you enjoy being at COTS as much as I do.

I bought this book I bought and reviewed it.

Click on the book cover to go to her website to buy the book.


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