Knight Fall

Knight Fall

Alexis Dare
4 Stars 

Knight Fall is a supernatural detective novella, the fourth book in the Crave: Tales of Vampire Romance.

Follow Detectives Valerie Knight and Devon Fall as they try to find out who is killing others, while all the while, someone is hunting Val, and Devon fights his growing feelings for Val.

Knight Fall is set in the far, far future. WWIII has already occurred and wiped out a wide area of the planet and most of its population. Because Earth was short of people, abortion was outlawed and prostitution became legal. Although prostitution was accepted there was still a group of people who were trying to make it illegal, they felt it was immoral. It seemed someone has taken the law into his or her own hands. Val and Devon have to find out who before more innocent lives are taken.

An old enemy visits Val, in a not so nice way. Devon has to find her and save her. He doesn’t understand his mounting feelings for Val, as it is not his normal reaction, even if she does look like his dead wife.The lower star rating is because there are some grammatical errors. In one section, it was supposed to read him and her, but instead, it had her and her.

There are two sex parts in Knight Fall. Not enough to merit an erotica but know they are there.



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