Book 1-5 of The Devil’s Rose series

I know it has been a while, but I am going to do this review differently.  I read an entire series, one book after another so I could give a full review under a single post.  I am going to say up front that I had an issue rating these so I am going to break down the reason they got rated the way they did.

Tara Brown

PLOT –  5 Stars




EDITING —  2 Stars


This way, you can see why all the books got a final score of three stars.

I really did enjoy this series as a whole. I cannot stress this enough … you have to read them in sequence! YOU WILL BE CONFUSED IF YOU DO NOT START FROM BOOK 1!

In this series, you have witches, vampires, succubus, the grim reaper, Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde, and many more creatures and cross breeds.  These are also adult books; there is sex, hot and heavy sex, but not enough to be an erotica by any means.  Just know it is hard to explain why each book is interesting without giving anything away, so bare with me.  With that said … here are the books:

 Cursed (The Devil’s Roses Book 1) A story about Aimee, an ordinary girl who is turned into something extraordinary.   Without giving it away, just know that she will be turned into something no one has ever seen before, in the “flesh”, she is one of a kind and indestructible.  She was made to be the killer of all things.

Bane (Devil’s Roses book 2) (The Devil’s Roses) A story about Ari and what she becomes.  Just know her hands are more life altering then anything you can possibly imagine.  Ari, as you will see throughout all the books, plays a major roll in the outcome of everyone’s lives.  Once you learn all about her you will sit back in amazement on how one girl can handle so much.

 Hyde (Devil’s Roses book 3) (The Devil’s Roses) A new breed book.  Ever wonder what would happen if Dr. Jekle and Mr. Hyde had a daughter.  Here she is.  She has a very interesting mixture for her DNA, she is one of a kind.  See what the other part of her DNA is and how it effects the group.

Witch (Devil’s Roses book 4) (The Devil’S Roses) Meet O, a very important part of the group.  She is the witch of all witches and doesn’t even know her true past, parents, or future.  You will follow O and the group in unfolding what her future holds and how it impacts everyone.

 Death (Devil’s Roses book 5) (The Devil’s Roses) The final book in this series and has many battles.  True to all the other books it is very fast pace, so you need to pay close attention to what is going or you will get lost.

I do not like giving things away, but one of the disappointments of this series is there is more.  Book 5 is not the end of the story, but it is the end of this series.  The author reveals at the end, there will be another series that takes up where this one leaves off.  That is very disappointing! It leaves me to wonder if the author is not skilled at writing endings, does not know how to let go of their characters or if this is a pathetic marketing ploy. Any which way, if you buy them, you will NOT have an ending!Now I have to find the rest, when the author publishes them, since I am too far involved to leave it as is.

If you decide to pick up this series, the price of .99 or 1.00 per book is fare, since there are glaring spelling and grammatical errors.  I grabbed all five during a free promotion.  I would make sure that you have plenty of time to read all of them in accession (I did one a day in between beta books).  Make sure you have a box of tissues; there were some places where I admit, I cried like a baby.

Click on each of the covers or links to go to to buy the books.


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