Blood Struck

StruckMichelle Fox

3 Stars

Blood Struck by Michelle Fox is the seventh book in the box set Crave: Tales of Vampire Romance. Myra is hard up for money. She becomes a courtesan to vampires. Kristos will be her first vampire and trainer.

Myra, a college student, has fallen on hard times with no father and her mother needing medical treatment for cancer. She does the only thing that she can do to make a lot of quick money; she sells her body and her blood to the highest bidder. After getting set up at an agency and a set of clothes that are fitting, she is picked up for her first meeting with Kristos to learn her responsibilities.

Upon entering the restaurant, she trips over the bottom of her dress and reveals to everyone that she does not have any panties on. Mortified, she hides under the table.

Kristos sends everyone in the restaurant out, since he owns it. During their meal, someone starts shooting up the restaurant. They escape out the back, and with his super human speed he takes off, leaving Myra because they think the shooter is after him. However; the shooter continues trying to hit her. Why? Why would anyone try to kill a college student courtesan?

There is more to Myra then anyone knows. All is revealed when they find out who her biological father is. Now everyone is after her, some to kill her and others to make her a slave. Can Kristos save her? Why does Kristos want to save someone, a human, he just met? All this and much more will be answered when you follow Myra, who is shot at, kidnapped, almost forced into becoming a baby factory, bitten, blown-up, and lost all hope.

Vampire Romance: Blood Struck can be bought in the box set or by itself.


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