Beholden (Crave: Tales of Vampire Romance)

Martin Tee
4 Stars

Beholden is the first book in the Crave box set about Zari and Alexandru.

In this world the vampire society have humans as pets. Sometimes human family is passed down from generation to generation to the same vampire. These humans are honored to do this for the vampire, as the vampire is contract bound to take care of his human pet in every way. They even have a school to teach these pets how to act, respond, and vampire way so they can be the best pet they can be to their masters.

Zari is special, a regular human that did not grow up in the pet world. She found herself thrown in it when her parents mysteriously disappeared. Alexandru rescued her and introduced her to his world. Alexandru enrolled Zari into the school to teach her what she needed to know to be his pet, and then left her to fight a war.

One of Zari’s special talents manifested as being a rare breed of human, one known as a soul seeker. Alexandru has to do everything he can to keep her safe, while at the same time, finding out who is killing others and teach Zari a lesson for not being obedient enough.

The loss of a star for me is because at the beginning of ever paragraph there is a conversation going on between Zari and Alexandru about the contract a master and a pet has to sign. She wants to change and add things to the addendums to make it nicer for pets. However, it didn’t fit. I can’t tell where that conversation fits into the story. It was like a sub story within the story, but it didn’t fit where it was placed.

I grabbed the box set in a promotion, book 1 Crave: Tales of Vampire Romance.


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