Awakening (Lilly Frank Series) Book 1

Jeanie Gray

4 Stars

 Awakening is the first of a trilogy that was both exciting and entertaining, with a twist at the end that had me gasping.

Awakening follows the progress of Lilly. It’s about a young adult’s life after she finds her mother dead. Raised in high society, Lilly had everything she could ever want, and she detested it. She is the kind of person who would rather see the money everyone had to go to homeless people, to building schools, or anything to better other people’s lives instead of making the rich richer and the powerful more powerful.

Lilly realizes that she is a pawn in her father’s climb up the ladder of power, and she does everything she can to go against it. She empowers herself by learning self-defense, finds her own boyfriend, one her father doesn’t like, and lives her life as best as she can.

Enter Torren. Hot, startling, safe, and scary. Torren is everything she doesn’t understand. Lilly comes out of her shell more than ever with Torren’s help.

What’s the twist? The one you think should be the bad guy ends up being the good guy and vise versa. In the end, I was so shocked I actually gasped aloud.

With fewer than 100 pages, Awakening makes for a quick and very short read. I completed it in hours.

The only real problem I had with this book series is the number of pages. In book one there is 81 pages, book two is 104 pages, and book three is in the process of publication.

I feel that even though this book had a distinctive beginning, middle and end, it felt as if it should be the first part of a larger (full) novel.

The publishing company gave me Awakening (Lilly Frank Series Book 1) in return for an honest review.



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