Awakening 3 (Lilly Frank Series)

Jeanie Gray
2 Stars

The transition from Awakening 2 to Awakening 3 was confusing. On the first page, Lilly talks about circling closer to Italy over the past three years, then, a few pages later, she talks about dedicating ten years of study (plus another two decades) mastering stuff. That is thirty years, not three.
Then, shortly after that, Lilly said she was going to go live with Beth and Carrie.

In Awakening 2, Carrie died. A psycho named Sam was the one who said they found Carrie’s body without a head. The body had Lilly’s name carved into it, so, it is possible that Sam lied. However; Beth’s reaction will have the readers think that Beth saw the body herself or that it Carrie’s death really happened. That is until Janie Gray says that Carrie was not at the scene and that she was supposedly hiding and still alive. As the reader, I felt ripped off. We deserve more of an explanation.

Readers deserve more, such as, whose body was it? Why didn’t Carrie explain where she was or why she hid? How did she know she was in danger at that particular moment? Who carved Lilly’s name into the decapitated body, and if it was a fake death, where did they get the body from, was it real? Was it a cadaver, another innocent, or something else? The fact is—unanswered questions equal plot holes.

The epilogue was needed although the author introduced more information that left this story wide open for another novella. I do not know if this was unintentional. As far as my research goes this is a trilogy, so there will not be another book to wrap up the new information.

There are several twists and turns that kept me engaged while reading this book, although, I must admit it there were times when I had a hard time following the premise.

The publisher gave me Awakening 3 (Lilly Frank Series) in exchange for an honest review.


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