Awakening 2 (Lilly Frank Series)

Jeanie Gray

3 Stars

The transition between book 1 and book 2 are not smooth. From the start, book two is confusing. It contradicts the end of book one. As you read on, the author explains things, however; it does not improve the story. The same can be said for the end, after reading it twice – it still didn’t make any since. I am confident it won’t until I read the third book. It wasn’t because of the cliffhanger ending, but because someone who died long ago suddenly reappeared without explanation.

In Awakening 2 , we follow Lilly and Torren further in their relationship. They are back in Italy with a whole slew of new characters. There are secrets a person should keep and some they should tell. A great lesion to be learned from Torren, if you have a secret that could have bad repercussions; you need to tell it sooner than later.

Another thing I feel is important to mention. Erotica is one of the search criteria for Awakening 2. It is not accurate. There is no sex scenes in this book. What you will find is foreplay, petting, and masturbation, but NO sex. I do not understand why they have it listed as erotica, unless it is to help justify the price. Personally, I would not and will never pay $2.99 for a 104 page novella. I am making note that while adding the featured image I see the price of this book has been reduced to $0.99. I do not know if this is permanent or if it is a promotion.

The publisher gave me Awakening 2 (Lilly Frank Series) in exchange for an honest review.


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