Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

5 Stars

Accidentaly…EVIL? By Mimi jean Pamfiloff is the fourth book in the series.

I am on the fence about this book. I was not expecting a “filler” book. I can see and appreciate the importance of this book as it explains Chaam and how he turned evil; which you had heard about if you read the other three books. On the other side of the fence this book was entirely to short for me. I was so hungry to find out what was going on.. it is like ordering a 9 oz stake and getting a 5 oz instead.

This causes a dilemma in my star rating. If I rate by the writing in itself then it would get 5 stars hands down, but if I add in my emotional stress the star rating would be lowered.. so what to do what to do… I think I will star it based on the writing and keep my emotions out of it.

Anywho, back to my review; this book was AWESOME! Mimi jumped back and we get to see into the depths of despair as we find out why Chaam the god of male virility becomes evil. This is actually a key morsel of information for the other books. With that said even though it is a very short book, it plays a big part in the scheme of things, so it is a must read!

I had Accidentally…Evil?: An Accidentally Yours Novella (The Accidentally Yours Series) and the next book pre-ordered.


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