Abduction (A Psychic Romance Novella Series)

Larissa Ladd
3 Stars

Abduction is the first book in a series of Novella’s about a psychic name, Gabrielle.

As a freelance psychic for hire, Gabrielle comes across government agencies and some shady organizations. She does not want to have a permanent office with a 9-5 job. She would find that rather boring. Gabrielle schedules her own appointments with whomever she wants to do business with.

With this kind of lifestyle it lets her dictate who she helps, which sometimes leads to very uncomfortable situations. She is ok to help drug dealers figure out who are swindling them, as long as there is no violence involved. She draws the line at that, which has forced her to move as well as keep up her guard at all times.

One day, some thugs attacked Gabrielle. She assumed they were from a drug dealer the author described as “King Pin” she previously turn-down employment from. Later, she finds out it had nothing to do with that “King Pin” at all. It was linked to something worse. They were sending waves of supernaturals to force her into working for them, or so I was lead to believe. Then suddenly a so-called “good guy” kidnapped her, and said it was supposedly for her own good.

I have issues with this book and had to removes stars. There were major grammatical errors throughout the book. -1 star. There is repetitiveness throughout the entire book. This is common when an author does not use an editor. Many times, the first and last sentence in the same paragraph was identical.  Something most editors would catch. -1 star.

This story has an intriguing premise, however; the execution was lackluster. The main character had no backbone. I found that odd since she was someone who supposedly called all the shots, and yet, she seemed to whine and cry a lot. Granted there were fight scenes, and Gabrielle held her own. The scenes between the fights drove me crazy. Gabrielle was a withering mess of self-doubt.  In addition, this is a slow pace adventure.

The author gave me Abduction (A Psychic Romance Series Book 1) in return for an honest review.


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