Char Robinson

4 Stars

At the begging of Zombified by Char Robinson I had a bit of a problem getting into it because you were introduced to so many people very quickly that it was hard to keep them straight.

Who was married to who with what kid that was also married and had kids of their own.. you can see what I mean.  But as the story progressed that was easier to follow.

Nothing could prepare you for a catastrophic disaster creating zombies.  But what if there were people who know if was coming and tried to get things together to survive in secret.  That is exactly what Char Robinson describes in great detail,  I could picture everything my head quite easily. Char made her characters show a very wide range of emotions while dealing with Zombies.

I personally loved how there were two different main locations in this book and the author would skip back and forth for each chapter.  It kept the reader from being too tied up on one issue, it keeps all characters involved while moving around, and made for an interesting read.  This kept the reader very engaged and on their seat.

There was a few twists and turns along the way.

Char also added at the end a short blurb of the next book and I for one cannot wait to get a hold of it once it is out.  I want to see what happens next.

Zombified was given to me for a review.


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