The Song of Orpheus (Myths Behaving Badly)

Selena Kitt
5 Stars

The Song of Orpheus is a book full of gods, romance and sex. This book contains graphic scenes, which are not suitable for people under 18.

Eurydice is a water nymph. Forever tied to her stream. She cannot go far from it or she will face death. This makes her very sad. She wonders what man would want to settle down close to a stream forever. She meets Orpheus at a three-day shindig to marry off one of his brothers. She hears his voice from across the way and immediately becomes entranced. That is the voice, her forever voice. When Eurydice moves to Orpheus’s music, he cannot help but to fall under her spell.

They have a lot of trials and tribulations to go through, which includes (but not limited to); medaling brothers, a quest, time, distance and even death.

In the beginning, I admit, I had a bit of an issue with the names of the characters. Readers are introduced to a large number of peculiar names in a short amount of time. With that said, as the story progressed it was easier to follow the names and place them with the right person. There were a couple of grammatical issues, but not enough to be distracted from the story line.

I very much enjoyed Terpsichore In Love (Bemused and Bedeviled Book One 1) and look forward to more.


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