The Secrets of Albion Falls

Sass Cadeaux

6 Stars

The Secrets of Albion Falls by Sass Cadeaux was everything I expected it to be, based solely on who the author is. As I have done before, I chose to rate this as 6 stars because it is well worth that rating.

Her characters were well prepared and described with just the right amount of details. This author allows her readers to use their imaginations (with the right amount of guidance)!

The description of the location was breathtaking, and the depth of emotion she instilled in all of her characters was unparalleled.

This is a book about a human and her painful upbringing, surrounded by an array of beings she did not know existed.

The main female character befriends the one of the darkest and deviant creatures you’ll … I do not want to give it away! You will just have to read it yourself.

I am going to leave you with this thought, this book will leave you wanting more, as all Sass’s books do. I bought THE SECRETS OF ALBION FALLS (THE SECRETS SERIES Book 1) the day it came out.


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