Terpsichore in Love, Bemused and Bedeviled Book One

John Tucker
3 Stars

Terpsichore in Love, Bemused and Bedeviled Book One is about muses. Within the story, they reference the movie Xanadu, which is fitting for a book about the aforementioned.

You will follow Terpsichore, Terry, in her finding of love in Dan. Terry has had her heart ripped out while watching a past love have his heart ripped out. Therefore, she does not love easily. It has been a long time, although she cannot help herself. To Terry, Dan is a mere human, or so we are lead to believe.

When Terry finds out that her Father (God) has been conspiring with the devil (Lucifer) to separate Terry and Dan, it all hits the fan. Can Terry save Dan’s soul? Is there more going on then meets the eye?

The first loss of star is because I was completely confused with all the names. At the beginning, the author stated the nicknames where supplied because readers may have difficulty pronouncing the characters actual names. For example, Terpsichore is nicknamed Terry. That would make things easier, but throughout the book, the ones with nicknames were referred by either name, it all depended on who was talking. It was frustrating at times, since not only did I have to try to remember the nickname, but the actual name as well. I read a lot and it is not often the multiple names frustrate me to the point of dropping a star.

The second loss of star was due to pace. The story had an interesting premise, however; it took a while to get there. It felt drawn out, as if the author was trying to reach a word count, when in fact, the entire story could have been condensed with the same result.

I received Terpsichore In Love (Bemused and Bedeviled Book One 1) from the author in return for an honest review.


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