Stealing Breath

Joanne Brothwell

4 Stars

Stealing Breath by Joanne Brothwell was an easy book to get into and stay hooked.

It is a romance with evolved humans, witches, and warlocks with the good vs. evil theme. The main characters and sub-main characters were well written with depth and emotion.

The terminology the writer used when characters were performing chants and spells were completely believable and flowed nicely.

The plot of Stealing breath was well laid out and had plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader entertained.

The only real down side I felt was at the end of the book. The last couple of pages seemed to be filled with emotions that, to me, were between the main characters and could have used a little less discussion.  It made the end of the book drag longer then it really should have.  On the bright side Joanne did leave you anticipating another book.

With that said, I still rather enjoyed the book and hope to get to read the second book.

Stealing Breath was a free download, that I wanted to review.  If I did not get this book during a free promotion I would not buy it.  It is listed as $7.99 for 202 pages.  That is way over priced, so with the 4 stars and that it was a book I enjoyed, it is over priced.


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