Lucius, The Fallen (The Fallen Series, Book 1)

luciusTara Wood
5 Stars

Lucius, The Fallen (The Fallen Series, Book 1) is for adults only as there is explicit language and graphic sex scenes.

With that said, OMG was that hot. I have read a lot of books that give different angles on the fallen angels, this is like no other. They are rough, tough, filthy mouthed and hotter than sin. Lucius, The Fallen (The Fallen Series, Book 1) is the first book in a series that will grab your attention like no others; I had a difficult time putting it down. You never know what is going to happen next as there are so many twists and turn following all the different characters.

Five angels were sent down by God to watch over people but to never interfere. They could not handle all the pain and suffering innocents were going through, so they took matters in their own hands. Lucius is the leader and had decided that they would end the pain and suffering of the oppressed and smite the oppressors. His way of thinking that this is the way to lead them back to God, that he will fix everything once his people are back to him in heaven. How wrong he was, he angered the Father and for their sins they were forced to earth to fight demons for all eternity.

With that being the base line to the story, there is so much more. The need to protect the light is just as strong as the need to kill demons that it is hard to tell what they are supposed to do and what they are not. Each of the fallen have a handicap or some sorts that defines who they are.  Follow their journey to protect the light and get back in to his good grace. Watch the torment they are all under. Keep in mind they are rough with disappointment and anger.

I was given Lucius; The Fallen (The Fallen Series, Book 1) by the author for an honest review.


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