Fate’s Return (Twisted Fate Book 2)

Sasha Leigh
4 Stars

Fate’s Return is the second book in the Twisted Fates series that continues to follow Alyssa towards her 18th birthday.

She knows something is going to happen, something she has no control over when she turns 18. But no one will give her any answers. Unexplainable bad things keep happening to her and her family. Aly continues to enter her dreams with David, although each time it ends she doesn’t remember anything significate. It frustrates her.

Along the way she finds out that everyone she knows are not who they say they are, and I mean EVERYONE. Her besti is more involved then she lets on, two of the people she is close with are evil, and others are pure heaven. Can she tell who is who before it is too late?

The loss of a star was due to grammatical errors throughout the book. There wasn’t any big enough to distract from the read, but enough that I noticed them.

I received Fate’s Return (Twisted Fate Book 2) from the author for an honest review.


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