Fate’s Exchange (Twisted Fate Book 1)

Sasha Leigh

5 Stars

Fate’s Exchange (Twisted Fate Book 1) is a good book, but difficult to read. Not because of any grammatical errors or plot holes. The reason for its difficulty was because of the circumstance the main character finds herself in.

When the sisters of Fate step in and requests the brothers to help, everything changes. Alyssa should never have died. They must protect her at all costs but she has to do this alone, she has to learn from her mistakes.

Alyssa is fated to do great things in her life, she is a pure soul, the best of the best, but in order to stay that way she has to go through some of the worst things you can think of and survive. Through all of her decisions and the uncountable number of possible outcomes, she has to find the right path. During her struggles, you will fall in love with her tenacity and goodness. She is the type of person people aspire to be.

A life for a life becomes Fate’s Exchange (Twisted Fate Book 1) mantra. This book is not for the faint of heart, and keeps a box of tissues handy.

I was given Fate’s Exchange (Twisted Fate Book 1) from the author in return for an honest review.


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