Cursed (The Devel’s Roses Book 1)

 Tara Brown

4 Stars

Cursed by Tara Brown is an interested, exciting first book in a series.

The characters were well described and emotional, which is a big deal as there were so many characters in this book.  I did not find any holes in the plot although there were a few places it seemed to drag a bit.

The story line was very interesting and kept me hooked even through the slower parts.  This book has 252 pages and I stayed with it from beginning to end, way past my bed time because I had to know what was happening.

The way Tara wrote out this story was by starting it very dramatically to hook you with telling you the end of the story first. She then goes back a year and lead up to the opening chapter.  The only thing that was confusing for me was at the end of the book; the leading female did not seem to be in the same situation.  She is home in her bed after being out on a hunt, not on the streets running into her ex that she ran away from who knows how long earlier.

The amount of time that passes from her transformation and running away to the end of the book is a bit foggy.  I am not 100 % sure how much time has passed, but I would guess a bit as she has become very proficient in .. what she is doing now.

I grabbed Cursed (The Devil’s Roses Book 1) along with the entire series during a promotion.


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