Ashlynn’s Dreams

Julie Gilbert
5 Star

Ashlynn’s Dreams by Julie Gilbert was an interesting journal to read through. This book was set as letters written in a file shared between two psychiatrists.

The main character, Jillian, is a test-tube person, created by the DNA of two males and one female. During the process of creating said test-tube baby, the DNA was altered to give her certain traits no one else had. Jillian did not know until the day she was kidnapped from whom she thought was her parents and was whisked away to a secret underground scientific lab. That is when she slowly learns her entire world was not what it seemed. I don’t want to go any further, in fear of posting spoilers.

For me, the first couple of chapters were hard to read as it was presented from Jillian, a normal 12 year old girl. So, it was at times scattered, but if you have ever talked to a child you know this is normal. They wonder around a lot in speech and have a hard time staying focused. Jillian often brought herself around but after a few chapters, there was a change in her, very sad. It did however help her writing to stay more focused, which made for an easier read.

I checked out some of the other reviews of Ashlynn’s Dreams. I do it with all the books I read to see if what I feel is anywhere close to others. The only reason I am saying this is to make a point in case anyone else does the same thing. I noticed a few people commented about the blurb the author wrote. They said not to read it because it gave away the plot in too much detail and not leaving anything left to be surprised about during the read. That is far from the truth. The author gave enough information to grab ahold of the reader with a basic description. There is far more involved than what the author shared. Do not let that lost comments dissuade you from reading further.

The only real negative I have, which is not enough to loose any stars, is in the title of the book, it says (Devya’s Children Book 1), coupled with the cartoonish drawing on the cover. At first glance, a reader would think it might be a child’s book. It is not. There is violence and a rollercoaster of emotions not suited for children. This is YA, so I could see the possibility of first glance, confusion.

The author gifted me Ashlynn’s Dreams (Devya’s Children Book 1) in exchanged for an honest review.


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