Alien Species Intervention Book 1-3

J.K. Accinni

3 Stars

Alien Species Intervention Book 1-3 was packaged together. It is about an Alien sent to Earth on a mission. I am going to put a warning here: ADULTS ONLY, there are very explicit parts of animalistic rapes, brutal beatings, killings, and anything ugly that humans are capable of doing. With that said, there are also characters that are based off the better side of humans.

In this series, J.K. Accinni will show you the complete spectrum of humanity. There will be a lot of characters that you will immediately hate, and some you will love.

The aliens are loveable. They are created to be pace beings, with strong tendencies of love. Throughout all three books, you will come to love the aliens for their purity, protectiveness, and abilities. You will see a pattern about the humans they picked to be elders, the reasoning behind it. Above all, you will see the worst side of what twisted humans can and will do to fellow humans. You will see (in great detail), what man has gotten away with and what the universe is going to do about it.

In the first book, you meet Baby, an alien. You will see how he integrates himself with a human. You will not learn what the “mission” is with baby as he was partially damaged upon coming to Earth.

In book two, you meet Echo, Baby’s offspring. She will to latch onto some humans she deems worthy and good. Here you will start to get a feeling for the mission, but she does not disclose it fully to her humans.

In the third book, you will fully understand the ramifications of the mission and what all entails for humans.

J.K. Accinni knows how to grab the reader’s attention and not let go. I read these books quickly since I needed to know what would happen next, good or bad. I was hooked from the moment I picked up my kindle and started reading this series. It consumed my thoughts when I did not have the time to read.

Again … I want to point out that there is a lot of violence in these books. You will also read about the good in some pure hearts that have survived what the world can throw at them.

I grabbed Alien Species Intervention: Books 1-3: An Alien Apocalyptic Saga (Species Intervention #6609) during a promotion. After I read third book I found out that there are three more books to end this story. I am on the fence about purchasing them or not. I know that in the real world, things that these books described happened, but that does not mean I want to read the brutality for leisure.

I am leaving my current review in tack, but making a notation that I will not be purchasing the rest of the series.


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