Survival Instinct (Survival Series) Book 1

Kay Glass

3 Stars

Survival Instinct by Kay Glass was an interesting zombie book.

What would you do to survive after the military infected just about everyone with something that accidently-killed people, but the people did not stay dead?

Book 1 revolves around Nadine’s tale, what she sees, she does, and how she survives. It is especially hard for Nadine, since she is alone and in her first trimester.

I am not going to spoil the ending, but you might want to keep some tissues nearby. It was an emotional adventure. However, I will point out this, you can only do zombie so many ways. They eat humans, they are the dead reanimated, they are gross, and if you were bitten, you will become a zombie yourself.

Kay did one thing different with her zombies. They are NOT slow. Whatever speed the person could do alive they can do dead. Therefore, if they were an athlete and ran fast, they will continue to run fast, dead does not affect their speed.

The reason for the loss of stars is as follows:

Even though the book had a distinct beginning, middle, and end, I think it could have had more. There were parts when she ran into other humans, but that was all. Those scenes needed more interaction. The story lost two stars for its lack of depth.

I received this book during a promo from the author.

Disregard this review. The author has taken this book off Amazon and revised it.  This review does not reflect the changes.


6 comments on “Survival Instinct (Survival Series) Book 1

  1. This it the review you did on the original release that Kay did in 2013. It has been edited and updated. This review, which you re-posted on the new release does not reflect any of the changes made, and in my opinion, is very unfair to the author, who put a lot of work into the new edits.Plot holes have been filled in and the story line tightened up and new content added, especially to Ryan’s character. If you are going to post a review on a new release, I would think you would want to do an actual new review and base it on the merits of the changes made and not on a book that is no longer in available, except for perhaps a used copy I have seen floating around. If you would like a new copy, I would be happy to supply it.

    • I apologize for my mistake. I did not know that this was a revised version of a book that was already published. I treated this one the same as others that change covers all the time. I will delete my review.

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