The Birthday Gift (Re-Connections Romance – Book Two)

Elle Dawson
5 Stars

Like the first book, The Anniversary Gift, The Birthday Gift (Re-Connections Romance – Book Two) is what I would consider light erotica or romance with some amazing sex.  At 204 pages it is too long to be considered a standard erotica.

Melanie, the wife of Adam, mother of two beautiful children has become very depressed in the last couple of years. She lost her job, the family became financially strained and her husband blamed her for everything. Life was bad for Melanie until she found she could work from home building website, this lead to a conference to learn more and help her business grow.

Enter Branson, a tall, gorgeous younger man. She literally bumps into him while looking for the conference, finding out he is one of the speakers. As the day moved forward they became inseparable. Nothing has happened of yet to break her vows, but it has brought a spark in her she thought long gone.

Move forward and she has done the unthinkable, broken one of the 10 commandments and is ok with it.  Why should Adam care, he has ignored her, beaten her down emotionally, and made her feel worthless, to make matters worse they haven’t even touched in over a year, closer to two.

Move forward more and her husband finds out but won’t let her go.  Branson has a secret so he keeps playing tug of war with her feelings.  What should she do?  She loves Branson, She loves Adam.  As a birthday present to herself she will make a decision that will not only alter her life, but Bransons, Adams and her two children’s lives.  What will it be?

Even though the characters mingle in this series, it is a standalone book.

I received The Birthday Gift (Re-Connections Romance – Book Two) from the author for an honest review.


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