Risqué Reunion

Multiple Authors
4 Stars

Risqué Reunion is an erotica book, warning, read with caution. I was pleasantly surprised that Risqué Reunion had depth, a solid storyline, and strong diverse characters.

Four girls become best (of unlikely) friends in college. After graduation, life spread them apart, but they kept in contact. Fast forward a few years, one is about to get married, so of course she invites her three favorite “besties”, and have to meet the soon-to-be husband before the big day.

What you will learn is that these closer than sin girls had experimented in college, some more than others. When they got together before the wedding, the sex-tension was HIGH. There was some naughty voyeurism going on between friends.

Move forward a few more years to their reunion. The single ladies are meeting up at the married couples house for an interesting get together. Everything was preplanned. They decided they would take their experiments to the next level, and include a boy this time.

The two issues I had been the first sex seen after the girls arrived for the reunion, it ended abruptly. They had just started, and then, suddenly, they are waking up the next morning. There was a great opportunity to add a lot more detail. The second would be the way the story ended abruptly, and before the reunion had ended. I am not sure if there was more to tell or if it just ended.

I was given an ARC copy of Risqué Reunion.


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