Pure Lust

Nicole Joly

3 Stars

Pure Lust by Nicole Joly is a very short erotica book.

There are a few grammatical issues. For the most part this book fits the perfect erotica as it does produce the end result of what erotica are for.

Beside the few grammar issues, the other reason I gave it a 3 instead of a 4 is because the main plot was based on the wife cheating on her husband to learn what sex can really be like, fun and energizing. Then she takes the skills she learned from her fling and fixes her sex life with her hubby.

I cannot condone anyone cheating.. So Pure Lust (Erotica Romance #1) has great detail, the couple of sex pages were very well done. As long as the plot line does not bother, this is a good 4 star erotica.


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