Memoirs of a Gigolo – Volume Five

Liva Ellis

5 Stars

As always, Memoirs of a Gigolo – Volume 5 by Livia Ellis exceeded my expectations. The flow from book four to book five was flawless.

Author Livia Ellis adds a style to her writing that is not her normal. In all of the other books about Ollie, the author has one or two chapters where the characters are remembering something about their past. I say their, because it could be Oliver’s, Olga’s, Marcus . . . but in book five, the author jumps around. Every other chapter is the past vs. its counter part chapter about his present. I found this style to be quite engaging, and very entertaining.

In this book, we learn about a new client of Ollie’s that is sexual, inquisitive, and selfish. She is the host of a “party” where she has hired Ollie and Olga as part of the entertainment. She likes Ollie almost instantly by getting to know him as a person, known as James.

Ollie learns a couple of very valuable life lessons when she becomes selfish. As time progresses with Olga by his side, he also has some self-discoveries and matures right in front of our (the readers), eyes.

I purchased Memoirs of a Gigolo Volume Five for my own personal collection and am excited to share my review with you.


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