Memoirs of A Gigolo Volume One

Livia Ellis

4 Stars

Memoirs Of A Gigolo Volume One by Livia Ellis is exactly what it sounds, Oliver writing his memoirs.

I like that Livia concentrated intently on the depth of her character development. You could really see the struggle that her main character had over his life altering decision and how he come to his conclusion.

This is an erotica book but is has depth. With the nature of this particular book,  Livia leaves Volume One wide open, so to speak, to have several books on this one subject matter with this one main character; not including all the sub-characters.

The loss of a star was because Livia wrote Olivers story in first person and there are parts where it is hard to follow who is talking to whom.   Volume One looks like the first time Livia has written in this style and will hopefully reach a balance.

I will be looking for the next book to see in what direction she takes the main character.

Memoirs of a Gigolo Volume One was a book that I received for review.


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