Memoirs of a Gigolo Happy Halloween Oliver

Livia Ellis

4 Stars

Memoirs Of A Gigolo Happy Halloween Oliver by Livia Ellis is a standalone book based off the characters of Memoirs of a Gigolo.

The content of this book was good, not as hard-core as the main book, but still good. This one shows a softer side of two main characters and a blossoming friendship.

The conversation was a little confusing during between characters as there is no written indication of who was talking; you have to follow the flow of what is going on around it to see who is talking.

With that said, it also was a strong point as it made you pay close attention to what was going on.

The loss of a star was because I did find a typo, nothing big, but it was there.

Memoirs of a Gigolo Happy Halloween Oliver was a free download well worth reviewing!


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