Jouli’s Masquerade

Marc J. Riley

0 star

The first part of Jouli’s Masquerade by Marc J. Riley was interesting enough and easy to follow, up to the point of the main female character almost being raped in the hall then saved.

After that, it becomes hard to figure out.  The display that the people did around her when she was bound didn’t make sense.  The ending was so confusing; I read it twice and still don’t fully understand what happened.

I am not sure if this is a short story or an erotica book.  The beginning is more like a short story, then there are parts where it could be an erotica, and then it turns into a short story of sorts at the end.

I would have given it zero (0) stars, but Amazon insists you put something there. For that reason alone, Jouli’s Masquerade received a single star on Amazon. Therefor, this is my blog, I am giving it the correct rating of ZERO (0).  This was a free download; I do not suggest you buy this.


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