Full Moon Taken By The Pack

Full Moon Taken By The Pack

Full Moon Taken By The Pack

Full Moon Taken By The Pack by Cat Scofield

Cat Scofield

1 Star

Full Moon is the first edition of an 11 (extremely short stories) series. This story is approximately 6500 words. Short!

In this edition, Lisa Bright feels she has a right to snoop into a bar that constantly rejects her. Ol’ Pete and his friends catch her in the act and try to punish her by forcing her to do unsavory things.

Toby, stops Pete and his friends and wisps her away. Once safe, Toby takes her cell phone. Lisa follows the phones GPS and ends up witnessing the pack meeting in a thick forest. Once again, Toby rescues her from her nosey self, and the two get busy.

The reason for the loss of stars?

Two stars for this story desperately needs to be edited. It is chock full of grammatical errors and is highly repetitive. The author needs to invest in a professional editor.

One star because this story was highly predictable. I knew what was coming.

One star because I had to force myself to finish reading the entire story. Books, even free books, should grab the reader’s attention, I found it rather boring.

I will not be purchasing the rest of this series of books. Personally, I think they are extremely overpriced. There was nothing in book one that enticed me to purchase any of the other editions.

Full Moon: Taken by the Pack #1 (A Paranormal Romance) is currently free on Amazon. You know what they say; you get what you paid for. The next 10 editions are $2.99 each. That is a lot of money for an extremely short (unedited) story.


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