Dead To Bites

Jessie Kimmel-Freeman

5 Stars

Dead to Bites by Jesse Kimmel-Freeman was an ass kick’n, steaming hot, love triangle, war battling awesome book!

Jesse hits it good and hard with the sizzling erotica seines. I love a book where the female is a hero with “balls”. To often when I pick up a supernatural book the male is vampire (which was in this book) but the female (who is normally human) is weak and whiny. This is not true with the leading female Kat. She is ass kicking awesome! This book has it all; mystery, sex, love, war, death, and all the different kinds of supernatural creatures you could ask for.

Now to the book bits, Jesse did very well in describing people and locations so it can be easily visualized. She put great detail in not only the description but also the emotions behind what this story is unfolding. When Kat hurt you hurt for her, when she was confused you could relate to it, and when she was loved you know she was loved.

I was giving Dead to Bites (Kat Purrowells Book 1) by the author for a review; I will be going back for the other books in this series.


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