Burning Prey (A Seekers Story)

Harper Jewel

4 Stars

Burning Prey by Harper Jewel is the second story in the series she is currently writing. The first book, along with Burning Prey are stand alone books. The author includes a prologue that will catch you up from the first book.

With that said, they do semi-build on each other. The three main characters from the first book are in the second book. The reasoning is because the second book is about the first three characters, as well as introducing two new ones.
The premise of these books is a unique setting which includes a threesome (wife with two husbands) whom are people who change into birds. They each have one specific bird they can change into. Their higher beings put them together, which is rare for a purpose. They have a gift. With this gift they have great responsibility over their nest. It would seem that all of the books so far in this series revolve around those three using their gifts.

The only issue that I had with this book was how way too short it was for my taste. What was there was good, and Harper did not leave any loose ends, so it served its purpose. I would have just liked it longer.

This is an erotica book, it has highly detailed scenes, for adults over 18 only!

I received Burning Prey (A Seekers Story Book 2) from the author for a review as I had read the first book also.


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