Around The World in 80 Men

Brandi Ratliff

3 Stars

Around The World In 80 Men by Brandi Ratliff is a light erotica book.

The writing style was clear with a lot of detail.  I enjoyed the book for what it is.It does have sex but there is enough substance that I would not call it a hard core erotica.

This book is about a girl that is presented with a deal to become a high priced call girl.  Most of the male clients are very wealthy and want the companionship of someone for more than a night, on average a week with no strings attached.  Unlike our basic knowledge of call girls, these get to pick their own client based off of a database of normal male clients.

On a side note I immediately went out and grabbed the second book to see what happens next as I was intrigued.

The reason for the 3 stars, even though I said it was good, is because it was very short.  To me this should have been the first few chapters in a larger book not a book in itself.

I grabbed Around the World in 80 Men during a free promotion.


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