Anniversary Gift

Elle Dawson
5 Stars

Anniversary Gift is what I would call a light erotica.

The prime of Anniversary Gift is a married couple that is a week from hitting their 10-year anniversary is struggling.  They have lost the spark but very much love each other.  At dinner one night the wife asks the husband what he wants for their anniversary.  What he requests makes her speechless and upset.  So, what would any wife do that has lost the spark in their marriage, find it in a story!!

They are counting down the days experimenting with different toys, techniques, and styles.  Will she willingly give him what he asked for (I am not going to tell you what that was) or will that be the end of their marriage?

I will point out that I consider The Anniversary Gift (Re-Connections Romance – Book One)
light erotica because it is also a romance with in-depth characters and a story line.  The most notable reason is because it is 168 pages, far more for an erotica, but I say this is the most fantastic way.


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